Was there Scottish opposition to the war?

Hello Mr. Neidell and others. I was thinking about my home country Scotland during the war, and was wondering if you could tell us about any opposition to the war. Was there a strong voice of anti-war Scots like in WW1 who caused trouble like the Red Clydeside uprising and called for separation of the UK? Or was there even a number of pro-Germans? The fairly recent incident of Rudolf Hess got me thinking. Thank you so much as your channels have helped me a lot over the years.


Great question Cameron!
I am no expert but a great fan of Scottish people and Scottish whisky :wink:.
My residential town, Tilburg, was liberated by Scottish units, so we are forever grateful as far as I am concerned! :hugs:
Shockingly, Scapa Flow was one of the first domestic areas to face the full brunt of ww2 when a German u-boat came in to do its job…all to be reviewed on this very much appreciated channel ww2 IRT :wink:


oh my god it is now november and i’ve only just logged back in i am sorry. thank you for your reply! i am always fascinated to learn about my country in the war so i’m happy to hear your town is thankful to us scots! we are tought a lot about opposition in ww1 hence my question about ww2. and well done for not including the ‘e’ in whisky :wink: