Was it common for Jews to simply be ransomed prior to the Wansee Conference? OOTFH

Due to the experiences of my grandfather who was a child on the Kindertransport and his family in Vienna, I wanted to ask Spartacus a question regarding the “purchase” and “ransom” of Jews. His parents, Viennese Jews, were “bought” by American relatives from prison in Spring of 1941, and given “48 hours to leave the Reich, or be arrested without repurchase”. Fortunately they were able to escape, but was this a common situation for Jews already under arrest by the Nazis prior to the shift towards outright extermination?

My grandfather’s interview with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum is linked below for veracity- I cannot thank you and the rest of the Timeghost crew for your efforts.

Oral history interview with Paul F. Halpern - Collections Search - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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