Was Ferdinand Marco’s a true war hero of was his role less glorious?

I have watched a video on YouTube about Ferdinand Marcos and there are two contradicting stories about his role in the resistance against Japanese occupation. Perhaps Timeghost can look at it. Was Ferdinand Marco’s a true war hero or was his role less glorious? Ferdinand Marcos: Greed, Guns, and Gold in the Philippines - YouTube


What I know for sure about Ferdinand Marcos during WW2 was that he was captured by the Japanese and released in 1942. He had claimed to have been awarded 33 medals however only two had been given to him during the war. He had lied about being awarded the Medal of Honor by the US. He was discharged at the rank of Major in 1945, I do not know too much about his guerrilla war experience in WW2 so I cannot elaborate on that factor. He does hold the world record for greatest robbery of a government. In 1986 when he ruled the Philippines, his henchmen obtained part of Yamashita’s treasure by stealing what Rogelio Roxas allegedly found and after being tortured, Roxas sued in Hawaii and won the case.

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