Was Adolf Hitler Stupid?


So what would the state of most freedom of action according to Hitlers goal have been in your opinion? Winning the war? Because I have seen scholars make the argument that Hitlers actual goal was to go down in history as a legendary figure, which was achievable by either winning or losing the war and we can see that he has succeeded in this endeavor.

Now if we assume that he in fact desired victory at all costs, then it appears to me that all the ideological nonsense that clouded his judgement could be just as well attributed to some form of psychological delusion, which heavily impacted the alignment of his subjective reality with the objective reality required to win the war.

Point being, there are a lot of factors causing people to make bad decisions and lots of them, intelligence is by no means an effective protection against the many kinds of human fallacies.

Now I dont know nearly as much about Hitlers personal life and career as you do so maybe you would be able to provide some concrete examples of Hitler making stupid decisions that could quite clearly be attributed to a lack of intellect?

Thanks for taking the time to write this article down!