Was Adolf Hitler Stupid?


Is that so? I saw in the 1945 propaganda film “Know Your Enemy: Japan” that a big part of the Japanese’s ideology, the Shinto religion, was world domination. This was because the first Emperor of Japan declared: “let us extend the capital and cover the eight corners of the world under one roof”. The Japanese Imperials under Emperor Hirohito interpreted this as “conquer the world and make it Japanese”. This was a key reason why they invaded all nearby countries (at least that is what they told the people, of course there must have been other reasons behind it). This is what was stated in the film and most reviews say it remains close to the truth. Perhaps you could shed some light on this?


Both Japanese Imperial Fascism and German Nazism had this in their ideological basis, as did for that matter Soviet Russians. You have to be careful when interpreting what “the world” means here and how they meant for this to happen though. Neither the Japanese, nor the Soviets, nor the Nazis intended to invade every country of the planet, instead they firmly believed that once they had achieved domination the rest would subjugate itself to the new order automatically and become vassal states of their system. As for ‘world’ only the Soviets actually meant the whole planet becoming communist, while the world of the Imperialists and Nazis was a world of ethnicity and immediacy. Roughly speaking they would divide Eurasia in half, colonialise Africa, and the Americas would be left as a dependent, but independent region. Now, all of this was not the same from one idiot to the other, so some of them actually had wet dreams of a global Japan or Germania. The bigger the dream the dumber the dreamer.


Given your position on this point and the small expansion into the thinking of the Japanese and Soviets how do you see this position applied to the others players in the world at this point of time.

Is America leadership stupid, at this point, given its limited political ability due to their inward-looking stance post WW1. What of France and Britain? Or is this to be explored in a video?

Somewhere in the discussion board a post was made that Neville Chamberlin was possible playing for time with his “peace in our time” document. Under this theory we would have to say Chamberlin was smart in his actions, but overall a stupid?

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The Conquistadors managed that with even worse numbers. When you’ve got all the guns…


Only in Western Europe and certain Germanic minorities in the East. The rest were Untermensh and were going to be largely wiped out, with the remainder used as slave labour under German supervision.

Have a look on teh interwebz for General Plan Ost.


Yeah I forgot to mention that, thanks.

I went to the “Terror House” in Budapest today and it’s remarkable how oppressed the Hungarian people really were between 1945 and the 1960’s. In my honest opinion, as a normal civilian, you had more to fear under the Soviet regime than under the Nazi regime. Anyone could report you for treason and you would be swept off the street or taken from your home at night. Without a trial you would be either sentenced to death by hanging or sent to be worked to death in the Soviet work camps. Under Nazi rule, as long as you went along with it and were not an “untermensch”, you could live your life without much fear.


And all the germs…


Not really. An issue much less talked about than the ‘extermination programs’ is Nazi organized crime. If they felt they wanted or needed something, they just took it. If you resisted being robbed… well, say hello to Dachau! Then there was the whole issue of non-Nazis using the system by settling scores with neighbors and competitors by ‘reporting crimes against the party’. Once suspected there wasn’t much you could do and… say hello to Madame Guillotine. In end effect, the Nazi state was a systematic machine of insecurity, oppression and crime - against everyone.


I think we have to be careful when applying intelligence to nations. In the end, in one way or another, the fate of a nation is in the hand of the masses. Even if Hitler was stupid that doesn’t mean that all of Germany was. How the masses decide is something very complex that goes beyond individual intelligence and into things like game theory, mass psychology, and swarm intelligence, Now these are new concepts that we don’t yet quite understand - especially swarm intelligence, which we’ve only started studying with the event of the Internet.

Yes, the current video that is up on the site looks at French and English p[olicy in the Middle East, and partly touches on the short-sightedness of these policies. In 1921 we have already shot a video about US isolationism in the 20s and early 30s.

You know… even if you’re really smart, trying to reason with a dumb brute that has already decided to smash your head in with the cudgel in his hand is pretty futile - then again attacking him outright with your bare hands is also pretty stupid, so… who knows? Chamberlain gets a lot of flack that he only partly deserves. What would anyone else have done? Stoop to the level of the Nazis and attack first makes you like them, also he had no domestic support for that, so he couldn’t have anyway. Arm up so that you can defend yourself better? Well yes, but he started doing that even if late. Refuse to cede a millimeter to the demands of the opponent and provoke a confrontation? Probably the right thing to do if you have the defence you need, but that also needs a political base that he didn’t have. In the end, his situation was impossible and the Germans had to attack first for the political will to fight them arose.


I thought it was mostly the SA Brownshirt brutes who carried out these acts. Did this behaviour of police thuggery carry on after the Night of the Long Knives?

Edit: https://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/nazi-germany/the-nazi-police-state/
This article explains things a bit


The whole political climate in the 1930’s was essential to the Nazi’s succes and the appeasement policy. The financial crisis caused the key nations to be far too busy with their own problems than to look at a potential warmonger in Germany. Besides, Hitler’s propaganda machine pumped out many images of for example the Autobahn project which painted him as the messiah who will carry the people out of the financial crisis.


It most certainly did, take Julius Streicher the Gauleiter of Nuremberg as an example - his theft and extortion programs were so extensive that Göring (also one of the super thugs) felt he war encroaching on his turf and tried to eliminate him, but Hitler protected Streicher and the pillaging continued all the way into 1945 and his arrest.


You are correct - but to not perpetuate the propaganda myth - the Autobahn project was not started by Hitler, it started already in the 1920s.