War crimes trials

Would you be willing to include segments on the nuremberg and tokyo war crimes trials?


I am guessing we will see this, probably somewhere under the War Against Humanity. But that will be some years from now.


Yeah this show runs in real-time minus 79 years :-). As long as we keep supporting it the war crime trials will happen. Right now Sparty and team are doing a great job documenting these horrible events without holding back.

Timeghost has a number on videos on youtube/patreon and on this site. Also there are quite a few discussion threads pertaining to this subject.

Mmm… I can’t really say have fun reading/watching but one can learn a lot. Learn new stuff every week and well researched stuff. :slight_smile:


Excellent idea, doing so would provide fantastic content and could be a series by itself. I would very much appreciate watching!


Indeed maybe a war crime trial series by itself and also the balance of “all guitly/suspected people should face trial” vs “we still need the country to run”. Also a view including the "The Hague Peace Conferences 1899/1907/Versailles 1919 (which had a lot to say about that as well) and the Leipzig Trials after WW1 could be included. I did some research on this in my research days as a history student (mostly because I could see the Peace Palace, The Hague from my window office at Shell ;-). They have a massive library and excellent tours.

I think the legal aspect deserves a separate series if at all possible, simply because it has it’s own timeline and developments.

E.g. Czar Nicholas instigated the 1899 Peace Conference in the Hague, Netherlands which e.g. banned poison gas in warfare etc. It also started the International Court of Arbitration which was first used by Teddy Roosevelt (US President) in 1902 and is still functioning. A lot of other international courts also use The Hague as a base right now.

So the series would really have to stop somewhere in the past, but there is a wealth of material here and making peace is much harder than making war!


Trials are one thing, but what about war crime coverage in the media of the time? That was just as interesting…

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If the Great War is anything to go by, there will be ample room for post-war settlement episodes.