War Bonds for "On the Homefront"

          "War savings bonds and stamps keep 'em rolling!" -Batman

           Not sure where to post episode ideas but have you thought about an episode about War bonds? How everything from artists to actors, from magicians to musicians helped supplement the cost of modern War?That quantity has a quality all its own and if we build more bombers then they have buildings and bomb those buildings with those bombers we built, then they are beaten. 

          I think it would be perfect for "On the Homefront".  Miss Diengard is amazing. Hard to understand her when watching the video. Not because of her accent but because she's a darn woodland goddess of central Europe. Seriously if she was doing "War Against Humanity" I would be very conflicted.  

      Awesome show guys. Never forget and never waste the opportunities given to use from those who gave up or lost their opportunities for us.
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