War Against Humanity - Ideas

@sparticus assuming you are going to cover the bombing campaigns in WWII for this section. I have some interviews we filmed when we were working with National Geographic on Nazi Megastructures. We have access to some people that worked directly with bomber command and then on nuclear weapons. They had some very interesting takes on the morality of bombing. Initially they were against bombing, telling Winston Churchill off personally and creating the nuclear test ban treaty. We were shocked though, because as they aged they saw the morality in a different light. We got a few thought provoking quotes. Stuff like “Now that I am 92 I see that humanity needs punishment when it goes too far, without the bombing of Germany the -isms would not have stopped.” etc. This is coming from Freeman Dyson. The problem is they are in their mid-90s.

I can hook you up or even get some footage for you?