Wallace never sausage nerve as Clare’s beef on ‘globaloney’ (2-10-43)

Brooklyn Eagle (February 10, 1943)

Wallace never sausage nerve as Clare’s beef on ‘globaloney’

Washington (UP) –
Vice President Wallace took issue today with Rep. Clare Boothe Luce (R-CT).

Mrs. Luce, in her maiden speech to the House yesterday, said Wallace’s “global thinking is – no matter how you slice it – still globaloney.” Wallace’s proposal for “freedom of the air,” she said, was not likely to prevent another world war.

Wallace, in a statement that did not mention Mrs. Luce by name, said:

I am sure the Republican Party is not against either freedom of the seas or freedom of the air after the war is over. I am also sure that the vast bulk of Republicans do not want to stir up animosity against either our Russian or English allies at the present time. None of us wishes to use those methods of preparation for World War III which will make World War III inevitable.

Mrs. Luce, whose announced intention of making a speech yesterday attracted an unusually large number of House members, said the policy of freedom of the seas had been detrimental to the American Merchant Marine.

She said that when the shooting stops, the British would be prepared to develop international airways, “perhaps with Lend-Lease planes.” All post-war air aims, she continued, are beclouded by Allied ignorance of the wishes of Russia.