WAH topic or portrait biography topic to consider


The War Against Humanity is a dark cloud on human beings and how we treat each other. Perhaps at the right time you can highlight those few individuals who roast above their personal history to seek and provide forgiveness for their actions.

A few examples are below for consideration.

Louis Zamperini is the 1936 American Olympic runner who became an Army Air Corps bombardier and Japanese POW who was tortured terrible by “The Bird” as highlighted in the book and move, Unbroken. 1949, at the encouragement of his wife and her Christian friends, Zamperini reluctantly agreed to attend a crusade. Graham’s preaching reminded him of his prayers during his time on the life raft and imprisonment, and Zamperini committed his life to Christ. Following this, he forgave his captors, and his nightmares ceased. He forgave “The Bird” although Wannabe refused to meet with him.

Mitsuo Fuchida was a Japanese captain in the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service and a bomber aviator in the Imperial Japanese Navy before and during World War II. He is best known for leading the first wave of air attacks on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. After the war, he was concerned for a good friend and fellow pilot returning to Japan after being a POW in the US. He assumed his friend was tortured by the Americans but was surprised when his friend explained he was treated very well. Fuchida subsequently became a Christian.and evangelist.

Jacob Daniel DeShazer (15 November 1912 – 15 March 2008) participated in the Doolittle Raid as a staff sergeant and later became a Christian missionary in Japan. He subsequently met Fuchido and they traveled together on Christmas crusades.

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