Victory cost U.S. 150,000 killed (5-10-45)

The Pittsburgh Press (May 10, 1945)

Victory cost U.S. 150,000 killed

Casualties at 972,654 – 70,000 Yanks freed

WASHINGTON (UP) – Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson said today that 70,000 to 80,000 U.S. prisoners of war have been liberated from German prison camps. Of these, 8,000 have been returned to this country, he said.

Mr. Stimson estimated that victory in Europe cost the Army around 800,000 casualties, including 150,000 killed.

He warned next of kin that it may still require several weeks to complete casualty notifications for Germany and Italy. He added that there should be only a limited number of additional casualties.

Casualties up 22,182

Total U.S. combat casualties in all theaters reached 972,634, an increase of 22,182 over a week ago. This total includes 867,709 Army and 104,945 Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard casualties.

In April, the last month of heavy fighting in Germany, the Army suffered 34,598 casualties, not counting Air Force losses. The month’s toll included 5,324 killed, 25,407 wounded and 3,867 missing.

From D-Day last June 6 through April, Mr. Stimson said, the Army in Europe, exclusive of the Air Forces, suffered 512,113 casualties. In this total were 88,225 killed, 365,320 wounded, and 58,568 missing and captured.

536,029 recovered

Of the 536,029 soldiers thus far reported wounded, Mr. Stimson said 283,472 have returned to duty.

The table of officially announced casualties:

Army Navy TOTAL
Killed 175,168 41,458 216,626
Wounded 536,029 48,858 584,887
Missing 74,304 10,382 84,686
Prisoners 82,208 4,247 86,455
TOTAL 867,709 104,945 972,654