Vichy skips Armistice Day (10-31-42)

The Pittsburgh Press (October 31, 1942)

Vichy skips Armistice

Vichy, France –
The Council of Ministers voted today not to observe Memorial Day on Nov. 2 or Armistice Day on Nov. 11 in France this year.

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This must have really pissed off a lot of people in France I guess. 11th November is still huge in France (and the Commonwealth etc).


It’s suddenly a political issue in Canada, as Prime Minister Trudeau ordered the flag to be flown at half-staff at the end of May this year and has still not indicated an end to the observance (the ongoing investigation into the deaths and mistreatment of First Nations children in the residential school system of the late 19th and early 20th centuries). On Remembrance Day, the flag has always been lowered to half-staff in observance of the day. A few wags have suggested that we’ll have to lower to quarter-staff this year if nothing is done at the federal level.