US public attitudes towards Germany before WW2

Hi Indie, and Team! Ive watched your show going back to The Great War and loved it.

Had a question after watching the documentary series WW2 Warlords, in which, contrary to most over sources i am aware of (i a not a historian, just a student), it portrays the US population as ready to go to war since the introduction of the lend lease acts, but with Roosevelt having no intention of bringing the US in the war, despite vague reassurances towards Churchill, only using Lend Lease as a way to reactivate the US economy after the depression. This is the only source ive seen stayting this, all others are that of Roosevelt wanting to go to war, but being blocked by people like Charles Limberg. What can you say about these inconsistencies.

Much love towards you guys, and keep up the good work! ! !


Maybe these Gallup Polls from the entirety of 1941 might help. Then again, polls can be quite shaky at times.

Here is another poll about U.S. opinions before the war.

Early on it looks like Americans heavily skewed towards the Allies but were still reluctant to send acual troops to fight on the battlefield. The part that stands out to me quite a bit is the Sept. 11th 1939 poll where Americans overwhelmingly said Britain and France should not settle for peace even if the cost was just a part of Poland. I do remember Indy saying in one of their videos Fascism never really caught on in America as well.

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