Unity Pledge Given Nation By Roosevelt (11-13-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 13, 1940)


Will Work With ‘All Who Place True Americanism’ First
Washington, Nov. 13 (UP) –

President Roosevelt today gave America a pledge to work for national unity during his third term “shoulder to shoulder with all who place true Americanism above all other considerations.”

His statement indicated his determination to rise above partisanship in a speech for national unity on the principle that only “in union we shall find our true strength.”

His pledge was delivered in a statement acknowledging “tens of thousands” of congratulatory telegrams and letters which he received after his election. The letters and telegrams pledging loyalty and support, he said, came from men and women who cast their vote November 5 for Wendell L. Willkie as well as those who voted for the third term.

Follows Willkie’s Talk

Mr. Roosevelt’s statement followed by two days a post-election address of Mr. Willkie to the nation, pledging co-operation for national unity in the development of American defense and other essentials, but laying the groundwork for the 22 million people who voted for him to carry on the principles upon which he based his unsuccessful campaign.

White House Secretary Stephen T. Early made public Mr. Roosevelt’s statement, explaining that the volume of congratulatory expressions made it impossible to acknowledge them all individually, although a special staff of clerks is at work on the messages.

The text of Mr. Roosevelt’s statement:

In the face of a constantly mounting number of congratulatory messages, I feel that I must, in this statement, extend my hearty thanks to all who have thus remembered me.

Spirit of Unity Seen

I am heartened and encouraged by all these messages of goodwill from thousands of well-wishers.

Not less appreciated than the others are the pledges of loyalty and support received of sincere men and women who did not cast their votes for the administration. These messages, in particular, reflect a spirit of national unity in essential things which is most welcome. In union we shall find our true strength.

To all who have sent their greetings I give this assurance of gratitude and heartfelt appreciation. In acknowledging these pledges of loyal support and full co-operation in forwarding the interests of the nation, I pledge anew my determination to work shoulder to shoulder with all those who place true Americanism above all other considerations.

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