Unable to access videos

Hi. When I try to watch a video (WW2) the site directs me to the sign up page, with all the subscription options, but I already have a subscription. I checked on account, and there is an active subscription (kickstarter backer):

Hey buddy,

I didn’t have an issue watching videos, but I was paid up as well, but couldn’t get access to the TGA forum. Joram was on top of my problem instantly, we had multiple email correspondence. W/ Joram and Toms IT help, they got my account working perfectly, and have had 0 issues since. The TGA staff really take care of us, meaning TimeGhost Army members, and im sure they’ll take the same great quality of care for you, as they did for me. Shout out to Joram and Team.


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Hey nhni, I’ll forward this to Tim, who helps us with the technical challenges of running a website. I will get back to you!


Hi nhni,

This should be the correct behaviour as the $9 Kickstarter pledge does not include access to the WW2 videos. What is included is listed on the Kickstarter page.

Ad-free access to the World War Two content can instead be obtained by subscribing to timeghost.tv directly or by subscribing on Patreon. The Kickstarter campaign is closed I believe.

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