U.S. Embassy in Berlin Hit by R.A.F. (9-11-40)

The Pittsburgh Press (September 11, 1940)


R.A.F. Bomb Fragment Shatters Office Window

By Wallace R. Deuel

Berlin, Sept. 11 –

The American Embassy got its baptism of fire in last night’s R.A.F. attack on Berlin. A fragment from a heavy, high-explosive bomb, which fell approximately 400 yards west of the Embassy, went through a window in the second-floor office of Donald R. Heath, first secretary, and gouged a hole out of an interior brick wall big enough for a man to put his fist in. Nobody was in Heath’s office at the time.

Several windows on the top floor of the building were shattered by the detonation of the bomb.

Three incendiary bombs also fell into a big courtyard behind the Embassy building where officials park their cars, and where there is a tennis court, and a fourth incendiary bomb fell a few feet from the main entrance of the Embassy facing a panserplatz, a park behind the Brandenburg Gate and also at the side of the Embassy.

Three small carriers were also dug out in the courtyard, but it had not been established, up until early this afternoon, whether they had been made by anti-aircraft shells or bombs – or, if by bombs, whether they were duds or time bombs.