U.S. casualties rise to 764,832 (2-8-45)

The Pittsburgh Press (February 8, 1945)

U.S. casualties rise to 764,832

Increase 26,376 since last Friday

WASHINGTON (UP) – Total U.S. combat casualties officially announced here reached 764,832 today, 27,490 more than the total in the last overall compilation made February 2.

The new total included 676,796 Army casualties, an increase of 26,376 since last Friday, and 88,036 Navy casualties, an increase of 1,114 in the same period.

Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson also announced that 865,000 Germans have been captured in the European Theater since the invasion of France June 6.

The Army and Navy casualty totals include:

Army Navy Total
Killed 130,266 33,288 163,494
Wounded 396,176 40,356 436,552
Missing 58,878 9,977 68,855
Prisoners 91,476 4,475 95,951
TOTAL 764,832

Secretary Stimson explained that the Army total included all casualties compiled here through January 28. He added, however, that they reflect battle losses only through December.

The total of Army killed, Mr. Stimson said, included 4,533 previously listed as missing but now declared dead. Of the Army wounded, 191,439 have returned to duty, he said.

Secretary Stimson said that U.S. forces on the Western Front in Germany have made substantial progress but have made no open breach in the Siegfried Line. Various segments of the fortifications have been taken, Mr. Stimson said. The outer works in some places have been thinly defended, but the enemy has attempted to keep a firm hand on all key points, he added.