U.S. casualties rise to 146,186 (2-1-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (February 1, 1944)

U.S. casualties rise to 146,186

OWI reports new total, including 33,153 dead

Washington (UP) –
The Office of War Information today announced that total U.S. casualties of the war now amount to 146,186, including 33,153 dead in addition to the recently reported victims of enemy torture.

The number of prisoners of war is given as 29,898. The enemy has reported the prison camp death of 1,933 of those captives, mostly in Jap territory. In addition, 7,700 are believed dead as a result of ill treatment in the Philippines.

This addition, not yet officially figured into the government totals, would place the number of American dead in this war over the 40,000 mark. This is still far below the total of 126,000 U.S. servicemen listed as having died or been killed in World War I.

Of the latest casualty totals, 49,518 are listed as wounded, and 33,617 missing.

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