U.S. casualties rise 11,870 in week (3-1-45)

The Pittsburgh Press (March 1, 1945)

Casualties rise 11,870 in week

WASHINGTON (UP) – U.S. combat casualties announced here today reached a total of 813,032, an increase of 11,870 during the past week.

Summarizing Army casualty figures, Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson also revealed that casualties in Italy have crossed the 100,000 mark. From the time of the first landings there September 9, 1943, he said, there were 19,889 killed, 70,402 wounded and 10,499 missing, for a total of 100,790. These figures include casualties announced here through February 25.

Army casualties in all theaters as compiled here through February 21 totaled 722,695. These figures, Mr. Stimson added, reflected actual fighting through the latter part of January.

A Navy list released today showed a total of 90,337 casualties in the Navy, Coast Guard and Marines. The figure did not include losses on Iwo Island. Casualty totals include:

Army Navy Total
Killed 140,366 34,283 174,649
Wounded 430,757 40,904 471,661
Prisoners 60,535 4,476 65,011
Missing 91,037 10,674 101,711
Totals 722,695 90,337 813,032