U.S. casualties mount to 578,795 (11-24-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (November 24, 1944)

U.S. casualties mount to 578,795

Washington (UP) –
Announced U.S. war casualties were listed by the War and Navy Departments today at 528,795, including 117,453 killed, 285,857 wounded, 65,789 missing and 59,696 prisoners of war.

Secretary of War Stimson announced Army casualties through Nov. 7 and the Navy Department gave its total through Nov. 22 as follows:

Army Navy
Killed 88,245 29,208
Wounded 254,283 31,574
Missing 56,442 9,347
Prisoners 55,210 4,486
TOTAL 454,180 74,615

The Navy casualties include those of the Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps.

Mr. Stimson also told his news conference that:

  • The advance of U.S. troops on the Western Front depends upon the flow of supplies from this country.

  • The apparent Jap intention to hold the Philippines with everything in their power is “just as well for us [because] our Army and Navy forces can knock them off as well in the Philippines as anywhere else.” He evidenced concern over Jap gains in China.

  • The shortage of cigarettes overseas “will be corrected as soon as possible.” It was caused “mainly by the enormous supply problem” posed by the mounting U.S. offensives which required that critically needed materials be given the highest priorities. Frontline troops are less affected than those in rear areas because troops subsisting on C or K rations get cigarettes as part of their rations.