U.S. Army losses placed at 118,128 (2-24-44)

The Pittsburgh Press (February 24, 1944)

U.S. Army losses placed at 118,128

Washington (UP) –
U.S. Army casualties for the war up to Feb. 7 totaled 118,128, Under Secretary of War Robert P. Patterson disclosed today.

These include 19,499 killed, 45,545 wounded, 26,339 missing and 26,745 prisoners of war. Of the wounded, 24,289 (or over half) have returned to duty. Of the prisoners of war, 1,664 have been reported by the enemy to have died in prison camps.

The Navy Department’s casualty figure as of today for the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard was 39,737. That makes the grand total of War and Navy Department casualties 157,865.

The breakdown of Navy casualties showed 16,506 dead, 9,322 wounded, 9,491 missing and 4,418 prisoners.