U-206 Reichenberg – can you help with historical research?

U-206 Reichenberg – German cities as patrons of submarines and other units

I’d like to point you to a project my friend (historian of the North Bohemian Museum in Liberec) is participating in a project that would like to find the wreck of the submarine U-206 Reichenberg (Liberec – the capital of the Sudetenland). They are interested to map out the stories connected to the submarine.

Apparently, this was the first submarine to pick up shot down British pilots on board even against the will of the political Nazi officer. These pilots then spent 3 weeks on board and later managed to draw a sketch of the inside of the submarine together with a description and smuggle it through resistance network to Britain, thus providing useful intel.

The team has already collected many data, but perhaps with your reach, they could find more.

You can get in touch with the team and check for yourself what the team has publish so far at the project’s Facebook page.

I realize, that you are busy, but if you do find it interesting, please contact the team or me, so I can provide a direct contact for my friend.

Best regards and keep up the amazing work
Jan Pozivil