Translations tips for Indy and team part #2

Hello Indy and team!

I hope this isnt coming off as obnoxious. I only wish to help. This will be a shorter post. But the Korean(and asian) language deserves as much respect as western language’s.

Im an American in Pyeongtak so todays episode was very interesting!(i drive across the bridge over the river that was blown in todays episode regularly) also. Suwon is a lovely city hidden gem anyone who visits korea.

Which brings me to my first translation error


So this where knowing some hangual really helps. And its definitely something the team can learn easy

How to tell when its a lone O versus a EO

Now this isnt universal but a rule of thumb.

If the hangul letter only has “ㅗ” “ㅡ” “ㅜ” its either a lone O or U(only two English lettwrs because our O and U is more verstile and can fill multiple roles where as Korean has 3)

If it has a ㅓ its an E sometime an EO

If you see a ㅕits “yeo”

Now lets look at Pyeongtaek in Hangul

Ah look we can see the ㅕ

Hence why its “Pyeongtaek” and not “Pyongtaek”

Same with incheon
We see ㅓ

So Incheon and not Inchon

And as mentioned before

It is “Daegu” not “Taegu” although as also mentioned before korean D and T plays hell on english/western ears as they sound nearly indentical

But fun fact Daegu was further mistranslated during the korean war as “tegu”

But again. I dont mean to sound obnoxious or nit picking just trying to help