Toronto opens doors to German students (12-20-42)

The Pittsburgh Press (December 20, 1942)

Toronto opens doors to German students

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (RNS) – (Dec. 19)
The Board of Governors of the University of Toronto has reversed a recent decision prohibiting 18 students of German birth from pursuing their studies at the university.

The board reversed its stand after considerable controversy had been stirred up here by the general public and by supporters of the two church colleges – Roman Catholic and United Church – where the students had registered.

The students had been interned in England after the fall of France, but, after careful examination by British authorities, were released and permitted to come to Canada to continue their education.

Prior to the board’s reversal, the Canadian Minister of Defense replied to an appeal on behalf of the students by announcing that they would be allowed to take the same military training as other students.