Timeghost Victory Celebration Oktoberfest

I’m so excited because I just purchased a ticket for the Victory Celebration during Oktoberfest. I signed up for the meet & greet and Day 1 of Oktoberfest. I’ll be traveling solo and I was hoping to get to know some of my fellow attendees before the big day. Who else is going?


Hi, I will be there :-). Oktoberfest is fun, I was there 2 years ago! :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to meeting you Chewie. Are you going both days?

Anyone else going?

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I am there on the 23rd. There are a few from the Brigadeer club going and Anna/Astrid will also be there + friends. Actually it is kind of cool. I was a bit skeptical 2 years ago as it looks weird in lederhosen but if everyone wears it it is no longer weird.

I hope more people join up, it is just a good time and fun. There are a bunch of other sites in the region. I

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