TimeGhost is looking for a new intern!

Sadly, our intern, Rune, is leaving TimeGhost after a fantastic year of working with us. We’ll miss him a lot, but this is also an exciting opportunity to welcome a fresh face to the team. We are looking for a new intern to fill Rune’s role.

It is a remote position that will require a minimum commitment of at least six months, and you will need to work around 16 hours a week (you can choose how you want to split your time). The position would be ideal for a history enthusiast who has just graduated from high-school and is taking a gap year before they go onto other things such as a university or the world of work. The core duties that will be expected of you are fact-checking scripts, community management, and assisting with production and research tasks. If like Rune, you are talented enough, you may even be able to research and write some scripts entirely by yourself. Plus, if circumstances allow you will also have the opportunity to assist during a filming session in Munich where you will get to personally work with Indy, Spartacus, and the rest of the team.

Does this sound like something you could do?
The minimum level of education we expect from you is a high-school diploma in history. If you have this and want to work with us, then send an email to internship@timeghost.tv. To prove your writing ability, research skills, and commitment, we ask that you provide a 500-word proposal on what TimeGhost could cover in the future in any of our series. It could be a new sub-series or even just an idea for an episode. Include a source list in your proposal which you, or someone else, could use to begin researching the idea. You should also attach your CV.

We look forward to hearing from you,
The TimeGhost team.

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