TIMEGHOST BEHIND THE SCENES: Indy is from Texas, right?

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May 9th is Europe Day in the European Union. It commemorates the 1950 Schuman Declaration, regarded as the first step towards the EU, and celebrates “peace and unity in Europe”. So in honour of this, today our larger than life, born and raised Houstonian talks about his heritage, which is a lot more European than…


Cool, I am one of those hard to label people and it is fun to see people openly guessing. Well with 2 parents, 4 grandparent, 8, 16, 32 and the ever changing Barbapapa borders we are all of mixed heritage.


Very interesting background, thanks for sharing!-Maybe someday you can tell us some of the ‘Texas-Houston’ part of the story.


Yeah, good plan. Indy did you ever do the level 9 NASA tour at the Houston Space Center. I highly recommend it :+1:


I was like 7 or something the last time I went there. I need to go back some time as its only a little over 200 miles away from me.


I’m Irish. But British, because I was born in Northern Ireland. One of my grandmothers always said she was Scots, despite her family having been in Ireland for a couple of hundred years. The other was a Yorkshire woman - although her mother was born in Northern Ireland and her father in India. Though that was in a British military base, and his father was born in poverty in Galway… I’m Irish.


I am Dutch but from my mothers side my family emigrated to Belgium from Bask Country and then on to the Netherlands because my grandmother and grandfather met in the Arbeitseinsatz in 1943 or so. The were married for 71 years after the war. I kinda identify as half Dutch/half Belgian but I got a lot of where are you originally from question? And found it funny to have people guessing and guessing where my looks fit. I know that having been to Bask Country with my mum that she fits right in.

Frankly to me my heritage is fairly irrelevant except for that the fact that I have some natural protection against the Sun :-).

I don’t mind people trying to place me in a “bucket” at that is what humans do. Which “tribe” do you belong. As for me it is the Timeghost tribe which doesn’t care about color or language but just is looking for a genuine interest in history to learn from it! :wink:

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