TIK: Hitler wasn't funded into power by the capitalists

This man is a delusional libertarian and shouldn’t be used for anything.

Have you watched him before making that comment? You may not agree, but he still is an historian.

And what’s wrong with being libertarian, really? I have my disagreements with them, but what’s really wrong with being one?

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No, he is not a historian. He is selling himself as an expert on Germany of the 1930th and 1940th without knowing any German or reading (respected) German historians.

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TIK History - Libertarianism, Socialism & Contradicting Your Own Sources - YouTube This lays out the problem with Tik, and the problem with being a libertarian is libertarianism is straight up delusional, like in every way imaginable.

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I doubt David Stahel, David Glantz, Richard Overy etc etc know any German but they have written books about German-Soviet war, haven’t they?

Also hasn’t he read the official german history about the german invasion of the USSR in the Order 227 video, I think?

Now regarding TIK… I am a bit ambivalent about him and his research.

He does miss straight certain facts (for eg : in the India video he made, he did say the Indians did not sign up for the Empire, which is BS, because certain groups did sign up for the King and Country… in certain cases nearly 100% of a particular caste. How do I know? Because I bought the book he was referencing) but he does say that he works 70 hours a week… which is never a good sign and that is his job.

Unfortunately, proper research takes time… sometimes years, which he can’t afford because he will starve. Which is probably why, he misses stuff or forgets to add them. And Youtube is a very very unforgiving employer.


He did an entire video looking back on his methods of proving history a few months back. That’s not something you’d see in laymen who just pretend to be historians.

He doesn’t agree with blatant revisionists with an agenda who distort reality. When he does read their works, he also reads actual history to refute them. This isn’t the first time he did so and it certainly won’t be the last. There is a fine line between revising history with every bit of new information, and outright distortion and falsehood.

He does read German historians, but the issue is that German sources (hell, sources on all sides) tend to be two things – either they’re heavily slanted to the point where they throw any objectivity out of the door when it comes to the war itself, or they are pretty leftist casting the Nazis to the Right and blaming it all on the capitalists in a form of gaslighting, with few exceptions in between. So he pretty much had to work with what he has.

And while I do wish he brushed up on his German, if a language barrier prohibits him from being an historian, then most historians working today have no business in the field. At least TIK asks for assistance in that regard (his Stalingrad propaganda video comes to mind). That’s certainly more worthy effort than what I’ve noticed with mainstream historians who are revered by academia.

And speaking of which, what do you mean by “respected” historians? The ones who reveal and explain the truth or the ones who reaffirm one’s biases?

I could see why one may think TIK is doing the latter (he hasn’t helped himself by the length of his videos and his delivery), but try looking further into his content and check his sources, lest one becomes the very thing he criticizes. If a source is genuinely faulty and it can be proven, call it out to him and explain, as he did on occasion (the Hoffman diary and him lambasting David Irving come to mind) – don’t just complain about it in a safe space.

And the moment he does get a genuinely accurate source, lambasting it as a propaganda piece in retrospect is the last thing to do.


Also, it’s not like TimeGhost themselves are experts on the '30s and '40s, considering what they got wrong a lot of the time (few of which I covered long ago in this very forum).


Worse, a friend of mine speculated that he doesn’t get enough support from his family.


How did he come to that conclusion? What signs did TIK show?

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William Shirer wasn’t German and yet he gets a pass, despite his book being outdated and problematic research-wise.

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Just general tiredness. The guy looks like he’s shouted into the void way too many times because, to him, most people don’t want to hear the harsh reality.

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Huh… that I don’t agree with. Now this feeling is very hard to put into words… so I’ll try my best.

If you are generally tired, your mind kinda become heavy whenever you think of it. Like the weight of a wall…and you have to trough through it. So if something was fun and exciting is now tiresome, boring and you absolutely don’t wanna do it.

Add to that mix, hopelessness. Oh boy, another video that people will get angry over. Why make it?

At this point. I would have given up and may or may not have come back.

But to fair… looking back at TIK previous catalogue of videos, he has made videos which incites people. So… it does look like he is doing for attention and views.


wow! if only Tik ‘I’m not a member of society’ History would acknowledge reality!

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He does. The problem is, despite his efforts, he’s not doing himself any favors with his delivery.

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if Tik ‘Amazon is apart of the Public Sector and is therefore socialist’ History acknowledged reality he wouldn’t have a YouTube channel, he would have deleted it out of shame. And how could I forgot him “using” a communist critique of Nazi Germany’s economy to prove that Nazi Germany was socialist, somehow.


Glantz is fluent in Russian and his main topic is the Soviet Union. Stahel has studied history in Berlin and in the case of Overy (from reading interviews about German history) I guess that he knows German well. Because English was not used inside Germany much until recently.