Thomas William Priday (1912-1939)

Luttange, France.


On December 9, 1939, a British patrol from the 1st Battalion of the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry ventured into ground in which other units had laid booby-traps.

Report received of first casualties (1 killed 4 wounded) of 3 Inf Bde on the SAAR Front-this had been caused by a patrol leader losing his way in the dark and walking into one of our own booby traps. The ambush party unfortunately fired into the ensuing melee.

Cpl. Thomas William Priday stepped on a French landmine and was killed.

A pre-war regular soldier who had been mobilized in September 1939, Priday was the son of Allen L. Priday and Elisabeth A. Priday, of Redmarley, Gloucestershire. He was buried with full military honors at Luttagne Communal Cemetery.