This may be beyond the scope of this channel, but how did the Vichy French government factor into the creation of the OAS and their operations during the Algeria War? Love the channel and great work as always

Did anti-Free French and anti-De Gaulle sentiments from WW2 play a role in the OAS being formed? A lot of the OAS members had been Vichy collaborators and how much did that factor into the OAS being created? Or was it mainly just out of the Algeria War?
Again, this may be beyond the scope of this channel as it concerns post WW2 events that are related to events of the war.


As far as I know, no specific connection. It was officially founded in 1961, but it was made up of pre-existing groups. How far back those groups go I cannot say. Considering the hyper-patriotic (from their point of view) nature of the OAS, you’d think they wouldn’t want to be associated with Vichy - at least I’d think…