Things I’ve learned

As an armchair historian I have had to relearn what I thought I knew because of this forum and channel. To be honest I learned more in the 5 yrs I’ve watched WW1 hosted by Indy and now as part of the time ghost army and WW2 than I have in the last 52 years reading and watching documentaries.

Add to that the experts like the Chieftain, Bovington tank museum and many others that I’ve learned from. It’s hard not to follow up learning more about specific battles, equipment and militaries. With the war fast fading into history it is nice to learn new truths, new lessons and expand on subjects I am already familiar with.

Looking forward to the next couple of years.


This is a reallly excellent post

I do have the same feeling with regards of the depth of these channels. Even when I did my MA in history (Second degree started at 41) I didn’t learn as much. We had a lot of discussions also on the net and research papers and a frikking 6,5 hours end exam (good luck and you can do it @The_Chieftain :smirk_cat:).

Still these channels like the Chieftain, Gregs Airplanes WW1 and WW2 at lots of new events AND international depth (obviously Timeghost as well!). Suddenly I am able to interact with people from all over the World and get a for example a Bulgarian, Italian, Russian, and many more perspectives.

This is the biggest WW2 documentary ever which unlike TV shows isn’t just omitting content to not scare advertisers. Also it doesn’t have a “hero actor” who acts like an expert.

Have a great holiday season and keep on going team!

Best Regards,