The worst ww2 documentary?

After my worst ww2 film post, I serve you the one on the worst documentary.
For me it would be nazi megastructure,I feel like they wank nazi technology way too much ,they were into the "hitler delayed the me 262 by wanting to make it a bomber (even though it’s not true, messerschmitt made Schnellbomber design (the I, Ia, II) before the presentation of the aircraft to hitler, the engine participated quite a lot ,at first it was going to be a BMW ,then they changed it to the jumo, they also had to test the new undercarriage and Messerschmitt thought that the aerodynamic could be improve).

The ancient alien on nazi ufo can also count as the worst documentary (during my Wehraboo period ,I believed in that theory for 2 week then I stopped believing in it) ,they used the haunebu pic wich is easily debunkable (it’s a monogram ufo combine with a panzer IV turret [in french] ) and thing like the haunebu II suspiciously look like the adamski saucer too for some reason.


any documentary mentioning nazi aliens is the worst immediately


watched it and I agree with him (lol at the hunter hitler revalation ,how could they possible got this wrong??)

turned off after 2:30 idiot communist presenter. exactly “ideas” like the presenter has ruins history and makes it school books parody that children learn today

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Watch his Contrapoints video. You can actually feel your IQ drop after every second of that video. :anger:

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It doesn’t feature aliens, but “World War 2 From Space” tested my patience with its conceit. Too silly of an irrelevant angle to approach things from.


I know it’s very late on my end, but in the future we could riff on these bad documentaries on kosmi and have a ball at the sheer ridiculousness. I remember seeing a alternate history documentary on the success of Operation Sealion and how the UK would’ve been conquered (Noel Coward gets shot iirc) and my reaction was a mix of laughter and disappointment. And don’t get me started on that Hidden Führer tripe, which debated whether Hitler was gay.

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Over the years I’ve seen quite a number of documentaries a few good ones several bad ones and a few kind of in the middle. to me a bad documentary is one that supposes if one thing changes it will automatically mean the whole War is lost. It has been long thought that if the Germans had the me-262 a year earlier they could have won the war no matter how great the airplane was and it has its faults no one weapon would have done that other than nuclear. By the time all these Wonder Weapons were introduced Germany had basically already lost but a lot of documentaries don’t take this into consideration. They go on like a few hundred me-262 would have had Absolute Air superiority over Europe and with that they could have won I don’t think so first off they went the only ones working on jet engines as a matter of fact the British Had a Superior jet engine made by Frank whittle. and they had the manufacturing capability to make thousands. And their factories weren’t being bombed so even if the luftwaffe attained air superiority for a short time over Europe how long before couple of thousand American and British jet fighters or in the air? And how would a couple of hundred Fighters stop the massive Red Army from pouring intp Germany and annihilating them


nazi megastructure? they also felt for the “let’s blame hitler for everything!” game

Hi Jean , yes some of them some of them documentaries can be somewhat lame. It got to the point where is generals dreaded seeing him with bad news. I heard I heard a quote from manstein I believe . He said " here I am Field Marshal taking orders from a corporal " but none of them had the guts until the colonel had the bomb in the wolf’s lair to actually try to come up to go against him when the assassination plot failed the conspirators paid with their lives as did large portion of the German High command. but I believe it probably comes down to money to make a documentary financially successful people want to see stories about secret weapons and huge bunkers and how they could have won the war with all this stuff it was just not going to happen. The one that got me first one was about the defeat of Japan in World War II the announcer said September 1945 the Japanese and the allies sign the surrender on the deck the aircraft carrier Missouri ouch!!!

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