The World War 2 Obscure Trivia Thread


Israel come pretty close too as it happens.


During WWII, which Allied nation undertook an action which was not only technically piracy, but also involved the unauthorised flying of the Jolly Rodger?


Though if I remember right, they were supplied with US, German (via the Czechs), and British.


I know British subs flew Jolly Roger flags marked with “kills,” but I don’t know if they were authorized or not, or if any of their actions are “piracy.”


Operation Postmaster, the hijacking of a pair of Axis submarine support vessels in neutral Spanish Fernando Po in 1942, by SOE and others.

The British successfully snuck into harbour, cut the German and Italian ships moarings, and towed them out to sea with unmarked tugs.

As the flotilla is headed out into the Gulf of Guinea, one of the SOE members just happened to find a pirate flag, which was dutifully used to replace the Italian flag which it had previously been flying. This resulted in a rather hot and bothered RN officer, that was commanding the liner’s skeleton crew, to explain that the waters of West Africa were patrolled by RN and Free French naval vessels, and a Jolly Roger was the naval equivalent to painting a target on one’s back. With much grumbling, the flag was removed.


This topic has gone quiet for a few days so maybe I could use this chance to join the fun.

Can you name a polearm used during WW2? :crazy_face:


Elephant goad?


Interesting, but I was thinking about polearm used in Europe against German soldiers.


Some of the Home Guard were issued with pikes I believe.


A unit of Polish lancers had a go at a German infantry battalion at some point too.


Hm, interesting. I actually never heard about this one. I guess I should count it as a correct answer. You win.

Actually, this is very doubtful. Lances were abandoned by the Polish army before the start of WWII and their cavalry was primarily fighting on foot. Thier are some relations of Polish cav using lances in the defensive war against IIIrd Reich but they are not very trustworthy.

What I actually had in mind were modified scythes used by Polish 1st Volunteer Scythemen Company forming part of 2nd Volunteer Battalion of Gdynia, organized by Polish Socialist Party. They took part in the defense of Gdynia and battles in Oksywie.


There’s a unit name to fill the heart with confidence if you have to face off against panzers.


Thankfully after one day of fighting in the city, they all managed to get themselves guns on killed Germans :rofl:


A Pole arm holding a polearm? :wink:

Since I’m assuming we’re talking used in combat, the halberds carried by the Vatican’s Swiss Guard don’t count.


Where and when was (AFAIK) the last air drop performed by the Fallschirmjäger?


The last? Probably in Afganistan :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Hm, just to be sure, you know that the Fallschirmjäger exist to this day as a part of Bundeswehr, right :grinning:

But if you had in mind the Fallschirmjäger that served during WWII then I would say Operation Stösser.


I’m posting in a thread entitled “The World War 2 Obscure Trivia Thread”.

Oh. There you go. I had in mind the drops associated with the campaign in the Dodecanese. Which is obviously way before the Battle of the Bulge…


Alright then, time for another tank one. What’s this?



Seriously, is it the boogie arrangement which informs the answer?


Fair point. I forgot :joy:

Looks like M4 “Grizzly” Sherman with 75 mm gun. Isn’t it Borden Military Museum exhibit?