The World War 2 Obscure Trivia Thread


Yeah, it’s a Grizzly. I was hoping somebody would say it’s a Sherman so I could act all smug.


Well, I guess it’s my turn now

Can you tell my what is it and how this model is called?


I think I know, but what’s got me stumped are the tankers uniforms; are these gentlemen in the Wehrmacht or the Hrvatsko domobranstvo, or are they members of the military which originally developed these fine fine fighting machines?

I’m pretty sure that this is the type of vehicle which was able to knock out Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)s in one of it’s few documented engagements.


These are indeed Wehrmacht soldiers.

Yes, one of these tankettes managed to destroy two Pz.Kpfw. 35(t)s and one PzKpfw IV B in just one engagement.

Since you’re so close: This is TKS tankette armed with 20mm autocannon that was captured by Germans.
Sorry for using only polish trivia so far but Poland is a never-ending source of them when it comes to WWII. I promise to change :sweat_smile:


That was my first guess. A scary vehicle to go up against three turreted tanks. Mr Orlik had (as we say down here) great intestinal fortitude aka guts.


What is the title of the song that depicts the highest decorated US soldier of WW2 locking himself in a hotel room for a week?


To Hell and Back by Sabaton, album - Heroes. It’s about Lieutenant Audie Murphy from Kingston, Texas.

Edit: I guess I was right.
Now. It’s time for harder puzzle. What kind of plane is it and who piloted it?


Very right indeed. Hopefully they have Sabaton on the show at some point.


Not sure on the plane yet, but since that looks like there’s a red band and swastika on the tail, I’m gonna give an initial guess that Ernst Udet flew this bird.


You have a good eye. But the answer is unfortunately incorrect.

It would be cool indeed.


Would it be too much to ask for a larger version of the picture, or a link to a larger version?

It’s clearly a smaller plane, with cloth skin. The tail looks conventional, and the wings are internally braced, which is weird having fixed gear like that. The engine might be a rotary, or a radial, or an inverted straight, or something with an annular radiator. Really nose high. Probably more at home in 1918 than 1939.


That’s the thing. I “said” that this will be hard. The size of the picture is intentional and it’s supposed to add to the challenge. I can give you a hint though. This plane indeed was in use through the second world war not the the first one.
If it still will be too hard I will give all of you additional hints :wink:

Edit: You know what. I’ll give you another hint right now. The father of this plane’s pilot was involved in the Holocaust and was a witness in the Nuremberg trials.


Those struts, are they for wheels or floats? Also, it’s got the markings for a German plane, but was it made in Germany?

Veles, I must say I’m very very intrigued. :thinking:


Yes it was.

I’m glad I caught your interest. :smiley:


This is really annoying me. For some reason, it’s tickling something in the back of my brain but I can’t put my finger on it.


Should I reveal the answer?


I have one
what are the names of the 2 U.S. islands that Japan invaded?
and which island did the U.S.use for an air base?


I’ve spent the day looking through thousands of pages across a half a dozen different books on aircraft of the interwar period. I can’t find anything that even remotely resembles the aircraft in the picture. I have to admit that it’s not every day that I see a picture of an airplane that I’ve never seen before.


Kiska and Attu in the Aleutians.


Ok guys, I think is time to reveal the answer to my question. Before that, however, I think owe you an apology, because you all get trolled :joy: :rofl:

This picture is a fragment of a frame taken from the movie “Hitler’s Children”. It shows a plane of Rudolf Höss’ son - Reiner. It was built for him by the prisoners of Auschwitz where his father was a commandant.

It’s a toy :joy: