The World War 2 Obscure Trivia Thread


Easy, wiithout Google. Christopher Lee


A fear none of us will ever be as cool as a knighted WW2 vet who was a descendant of Charlemagne, fought with SOE, played great villains like Dracula, Saruman, Dooku, corrected a director on how to properly stab someone in the back (based on personal experience), and sang in a Carolingian-themed metal band.



besserwisser cap on every single person of vaguely European descent, born in the last couple of hundred years is a descendent of Charlemagne…


Well, yeah, same with Attila the Hun in Asia. But people sound so much cooler when you say it.


Yeah… I hated myself for being such a dry prick even while I typed, but it’s my knee-jerk nerdyness - just can’t stop it…


I think I’m going to add that to Indy’s and my bios…

“Indy is a historian, actor, and professional musician that loves telling complex stories in his unique, fascinating, and engaging way. Spartacus is a film and video producer, writer, and director that has been studying history fanatically since he was seven years old (a long time ago). Indy and Sparty are both descendants of Charlemagne King of the Franks and Nefertiti Queen of Ancient Egypt.”


Already edited the Patreon page with that version :smile:


And distant relation with Justinian


Now if only either of you were related to Ludendorff…


That’s fascinating and terrifying.


Off topic, but what the hell, this the trivia thread.

I had the dubious pleasure of watching the Wonder Woman movie the other day. This was their version of Ludendorf. Well this and they had him hyped up on some kind of mutant superpower gas stuff. Hmmmm.



I was binging The Great War when this movie came out and needless to say i was disappointed in the way they took liberties in historical figure. Why couldn’t they just choose a random Germanic name rather than take Ludendorff’s name?


Apparently the character in the movie was based on the real life Nazi general Erich Ludendorff.



So what’s up with the paint job on this Liberator?


I don’t remember the official term for these schemes, but planes like this one would be used as a “rally point” for USAAF bombers to join up and get in formation before heading toward Germany. The bright colors were to make them easy to spot, and each unit had a unique pattern. The plane itself looks to be a B-24D, which makes sense since these tended to be war-weary examples no longer fit for frontline duty.

(And I thought “Wonder Woman” was a decent movie. That being said, since WW2 has a huge showing in popular culture, like movies and video games, there should be a segment where a few of the better depictions are reviewed for their historical accuracy.)


More obscure armored fighting vehicles. What’s this?


I wasn’t that bad for a superhero movie but I thought the stuff with Ludendorff was a bit crass. The man was basically going through a nervous breakdown at the time and whatever crimes of aggression it might be tempting to pin on him, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him.


OOHH OHH I’ve seen (and used this tank) in the World of Tanks game!

It’s a M10/Panther hybrid used by the German army. A panther tank, the hull and turret of the tank is purposefully disguised as an M10 (codename Wolverine) tank destroyer tank to fool the allies during the daring Ardennes Offensive. It was the brainchild of one of the most fearsome master of subterfuge in military history, Otto Skorzeny.

Note to self: Really should contribute more trivia from the Pacific theatre. The European theatre is grabbing all the headlines recently :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s the one. It’s a pretty good vismod actually.