The true story how WW2 began|BETWEEN 2 WARS|1939 Part 3 of 3|SEASON FINALE

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In this final episode of Season 1 of Between Two Wars we examine what caused the world to stand on the brink of total war in just two decades after the War to End All Wars. Events that end with three words through a phone line: “Grandmother is dead,” words that launch World War II.…


Season Finale

Here it is - the intermediate end of a labor of love that has lasted two years almost to the day. A creation that could never have been possible without all of your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In the next weeks we will start telling you about what comes next and when for Between 2 Wars, and yes there will be a season two. When we started creating this we quickly realized we wouldn’t be able to cover everything that we wanted to. After all we’re talking of twenty-one years of human history. So this first season focused on the key events that led to WW2. But, there were many more people, many more nations, many more events, many more stories that deserve to be told. And that is what we will focus on when the series returns.

I hope you enjoy the episode - I went out of my way to write it in a certain tone of hyperbole that the outbreak of the world’s biggest conflagration requires, while remaining true to our dedication to facts and balance. Indy, Astrid, Wieke and Daniel added their voices to that tone excellently - I hope it meets your expectations.

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Love the work you guys do and look forward to season 2