The Sleepwalkers by Clark

I have begun the book The Sleepwalkers by Christopher Clark, which attempts to tell the story of how the Great Power went to war in July and August 1914.

It turns out that each of the Great Powers in the ten years after the war published batches of their dipomat correspondence, notes, diaries etc. Each country’s batch of official document publications were to the point of showing that they were innocent of aggressive intent and were acting in self-defense, as they understood it.

The one exeption was the USSR. The USSR published its batch of diplomatic correspondence for the purpose of proving that the Tsar and France had intentionally and aggressive conspired to get into an unnecessary and aggressive war. The Soviets did this and argued this so they could claim that the debts which Russia had incurred during the war to the other Allies were born of an illegal conspiracy and thus illegitimate, and therefore the USSR had no obligation to pay back the debts adopted by the Tsar!

So Russia was the one nation, after the war was over, which was, by her own admission, guilty of creating and conspiring to wage war!

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