The korean war, still going in a way?

Hello, with the whole speaker and trash thing and north korea being allied with russia now,can one say this war is stil going in some way? Btw, I watched the 1st episode week by week on korea and did found it interesting, the format isn’t so different WW2

Profile - sandrageorges67 - The TimeGhost Army The war never ended. Both parties agreed to a cease fire but that is it they are still legally at war with each other which is why they trade shots every year and beat the drums of war.

It is also why both the US military and the UN maintain a presence in South Korea as when the North Attacks again they will be better prepared this time.

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The Anglo-Scottish border town of Berwick-upon-Tweed was believed to be technically still at war with Russia from the 1853 declaration including the town but the peace treaty afterwards omitting it. (Apocryphal but entertaining - Berwick-upon-Tweed - Wikipedia)

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The war never ended in the de jure sense, it’s in the armistice phase and still sees some exchanges of gun fire every now and then. When I visited the DMZ you are still able to see minefields, and to an extent machine gun nests set up around various roads.
It used to be a lot worse, specifically in the late 1960s which saw a the North Korean’s attempt to start a insurrection similar to South Vietnam but by supplying the guerrilas with weapons by using ships, and sneaking through the DMZ in various tunnels. There was even an attempt on the South Korean dictator, Park Chung Hee’s life by North Korean soldiers who had gotten through the DMZ in the 60s. The DMZ is still very tense and very very on edge even since it has become a sort of morbid tourist attraction.


The naval aspect of the not-actively-at-war can be even more dramatic, as the sinking of the ROK ship Cheonan showed - Torpedo damage and the sinking of the Cheonan « Quotulatiousness

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