The Greco-Turkish War | Between 2 Wars | 1922 Part 2 of 2

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I have nothing more than praise for this episode.

I, for one, have learned a lot that I was not aware off and will like to look up in the future. Thank you.

One very honest, and probably naive question regarding the disclaimer during the introduction segment. It was stated that it is a controversial part of history and a plea for respectful conversation was made.

Why was it felt that such a point should have been made? I mean this channel or its members in the past, have repeatedly delt with ‘hot’ topics, yet such disclaimers are rare if ever made.


It’s probably a reminder for Turkish followers of the channel. Since the Armenian Genocide episode started a huge fight in comments section in Youtube and made The Great War Channel to disable comments.

As a Turkish, my fellow Turkish people are easily offended and the topics like Armenian Genocide and Turkish-Greek War are being taught with heavy bias and propaganda. It’s not forbidden to release books or such about those topics that contradicts the current bias however nationalists are really good at starting public outcry and protests about those so in the end stores are kinda forced to remove them from sale. I think that’s why Indy feels necessary to remind this. Eventhough the channels video doesn’t really contradicts with the Turkish education system, The Great Fire of Smyrna is enough to start a fight.


Brother, many Balkan special episodes and Mustafa Kemal’s bio in “The Great War” had their comment section closed after hate war comments…


This was a great episode. Thanks for putting an efford for such an important part of both Turkey’s and Greece’s history. However I need to point out:

Yes, Mustafa Kemal’s idea was to found a totaly new Turkish state which will not be seen as a follower of the Ottoman Empire but they contradict with themselves in Laussanne since they agreed to pay Ottoman debts to Allies which were given before the war. Turkey paid those debts until 1980.

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Yeah, @DrCaesar has it down pretty much - I would only underline that by pointing out that videos about topics that have to do with this period have created enough controversy in Turkey in the past, so much so that YouTube was censored by being blocked, even for several years.

In our experience we have also seen our videos descend into an absolute mess of hatred and flame wars every time, and I mean literally every time that we just mention ‘the Balkans’ ‘Armenia’ or Atatürk. On The Great War, Flo chose to just turn off the comments to not have to deal with the bloody mess. We have chosen another path as we believe that keeping the comments running even on controversial topics is part of our responsibility as documentarians and educators. Thus, the disclaimer is fair warning that we will be policing these comments.


I believe Article 301 is big issue…

Spartacus, is there anything that we can do to help you guys manage the comments when the video goes up tomorrow?


Absolutely - you can both help by answering in a kind but definitive way that this is balanced rendition (we advice to not argue the points as it’s not about that on ‘the other side’). And you can alert us to any infractions against our rules by sending us a direct message here or via email to - please include a link to the comment.


Thank you and @DrCaesar for your clear and direct answer.

For what is worth, I understand that you have deliberately chosen the difficult path and that alone should be praised.


Thank you for covering this topic so extensively. This is a topic which I have seen no casual or educational media approach yet, even though the deathcount was so staggering and had such a huge impact on the political landscape of the area. It made me truly sad to hear about all the deaths and atrocities even though I have delved into many of the horrible atrocities commited throughout history, especially during the 20th century.

I think that it is of outmost importance not just for historical, but also for general education that these kinds of atrocities are being kept alive in the public conscience so that people can be made to prevent such things from repeating in any form. As a german myself I am deeply convinced that nationalists in all nations have to be prevented from whitewashing history and eradicating the human cost from the collective memory.

Thank you for your excellent contribution to this endeavor, I truly admire your work and your educational ethics!