The ghetto systems

I can’t seem to wrap my head around this, though I’m sure there are many cases of segregation otherwise, but I really don’t get why there is so much venom against specifically against the Jewish people throughout history. I thought, personally being an atheist, that maybe historical justification for many was the split between Judaism and Christianity, with the belief of the issues of Christ being handed over by the Sanhedrin to the Romans when the crucifixion of Jesus occurred, or the biblical reference to his blood be on ours and our children, but thats unsatisfactory in my mind being it indeed was the Romans who sentenced and executed the actual event. Is this just a lame justification to discriminate those viewed as better of because of money lending being a field force by proxy on a people that weren’t allowed to be involved in the guilds of medieval times? Not to mention the innumerable other religions that don’t share a christian ideal which historically haven’t seemed to share the same burden in Europe on the same scale, especially in modern times? Scapegoats have been an issue since time immemorial but I just don’t understand. Thanks again and I’m sorry if this was inflammatory to anyone of any race/religion it was not my intention if so.