The German People Oppose the Right Wing Extremists - BETWEEN 2 WARS - 1920 Part 2 of 4


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Germany is usually associated with the rise of right wing extremism in the interwar years, but in 1920 almost the entire German citizenry unites to stop the reactionary forces from destroying their brand new democracy during the Lüttwitz Kapp Putsch. Meanwhile in Munich Adolf Hitler makes his next move to create the Nazi movement, while…


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Again a great video!


Great video. Well worth the wait.


My head is spinning.

There’s so much in this episode. I’ll have to wait a couple of days and watch it again to grasp what happened. Sigh… and I know it’s only going to get more complex.


Believe me, it gets much worse from here on.

Tip: If you have any headaches from this stuff, then just look at this picture of Norma Jeane and relax. The world is not horrible all the time! Be happy, go lucky.


Will there be any more videos soon? September 1st is rapidly approaching and we still need to cover most of the years leading up to 1939. Did I miss an announcement maybe?


Every project has been delayed (I think) due to a lack of startup-funds, and circumstances (thunderstorm). They’ll need to do some more marketing to reach their goal and to give us a (what they deem to be) worthy product for our (I shall donate soon) investments. (Many brackets I know).


I think they bit off more than they could chew by trying to jump right into WWII. My guess is that they’ll end up finishing Between Two Wars after November and starting WWII in September of 2019 like they originally planned.


To me that would seem a wiser course of action, although I also understand their desire to keep lifting on the momentum that was build up. I’ll guess we’ll see.


There will be more videos very soon and we’re still working towards a September 1 launch of WWII, but we have some issues to address. First of all we haven’t solved the issue with a deal with an archive that works financially and this is taking both more time and constructing than we had anticipated (it’s also slowing down editing on B2W). Second of all we’re way behind on growth of our memberships which leads to a lack of resources as we can’t afford to hire anyone to help us out. This mainly goes back to the old issue of not being able to promote via The Great War and that our WWII partners are in a wait and see mode, not too keen to promote the TimeGhost channel, but will promote WWII once we have concrete movement there.


Rome wasn’t built in a day


Thanks for update Spartacus. Sorry to hear about the troubles.