The Finnish winter war

What do you guys think would have happened if Norway, Sweden, Britian and France had supported the Finns against Russia in the same way Ukraine is now supported? And what would have been the German response?


That is a great question. In 2022 there is no Nazi Germany preventing anybody to support Ukraine. In winter 1939 all the nations of Europe were a bit concerned about self defence. The Finns had not been only underequiped but also outnumberd. So I think, that the Finns were able to get was possible or even more.

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It’s be of those “What ifs” answer and the answers are as wide and varying as the imagination can go here.

A likely scenario would of been the Nordic nations banding together to fight the Russians and Getting help from Britain and France via weapons and money. Russia would seeBritain and France as belligerents and potentially signed an agreement with Germany to supply them with raw materials and fuel.

With the focus on the Baltic states Germany would of had more time to plan their attack on France and with the French attention elsewhere the Germans could of invaded with more devastating effect than they actually had

It is but another What if scenario