The Development of German Panzer from 1918 to 1939


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Facebook Twitter Google+ EmailLink The Chieftain has shot the first video in our cross channel cooperation – in fantastic detail and scope he walks you through the development of the Wehrmacht’s Panzer arm from the end of WWI to the invasion of Poland. The video isn’t public yet, but we wanted you to get chance…


So it begins… in the next six years you will see many of these videos by collaborating creators. Thank you @The_Chieftain for being the first one out of the bunkers and into the fray!


So how long do I have to wait to watch Nick try to cram himself into a Panzer I for my amusement?


Shouldn’t be too long. And it was surprisingly comfy.


I really liked the format and the length was actually pretty cool. Technical stuff needs a bit more time. Having longer strategy videos etc. like this would be a great addition.