The Delays are ok

Kind of an open message instead of a reply. Got another e-mail from TGA apologizing for late videos. And I just want to say that it’s ok.

What you are doing is so incredibly unique that there will naturally be hiccups in how you progress what you are doing. You are all just human after all. What you are adding to the sum of knowledge of all the things you cover is immense, and that overwhelms the slight delays you are having.

I very much appreciate that you keep in touch with us and what is going on. I just want to make sure you know that I think it’s ok.

Keep up the great work.


100% agree. Honestly I did not even know the early release was supposed to be on wednesdays. I thought thursday was normal.

Even though I have early access, I rarely even use it in the first place. I’ll watch the episodes when they pop up in my suscription box on saturday (though typically after the weekend on monday).

Honestly, just keep up the good work. I rather receive an extra bonus episode so now and then rather than every video being extremely punctual. I pledge my money to you, because I think you make work that deserves it!