The charge of the Devil Commander

I was a bit sad that this war fact wasn’t covered in the latest episodes (although this is understandable with so much going on) so I decided to made a little post on my own.
As the British were closing on the fort of Agordat in Italian west Africa duke Amedeo d’Aosta needed a delaying action in order to cover the retreat of several Italian units, at all costs.
The task was assigned to Amedeo Guillet, one the most decorated soldier of the war who at that time led the Eritrean Gruppo Bande Amhara, he was very well respected by his soldiers who nicknamed him Commandar es Sciaitan (The Devil Commander).
At the dawn of 21 January his brigade charged on horseback a mechanized British column armed with only pistols sabres and hand grenades, the first charge left the enemy disoriented but when they charged again the British regrouped and fired their guns at point blank range, Amedeo’s best friend lt. Renato Togni led a 30 men charge against a group of Matilda tanks in order to let the survivors escape, he and his men all died.
Althogh costly, the delaying action achieved its purpose, Guillet survived the ordeal and continued to fight the British in Ethiopia well after the general surrender (I would be really glad if you made a special about this madman).
This battle was the penultimate cavalry charge in a major war, about the last one well…I hope Indy will cover it in the future.

Amedeo Guillet leading his troops


For those of you who want to have a look at his life here’s a good Biographics special (even with this I would really like to hear Indy’s opinion on this man).


Great to have someone with Italian knowledge onboard!


True, the actions of this man are really worthy to telk. It could be the subject for a special episode