The Big E. just hit the Marshall Islands with Yorktown prowling the Gilberts

Yeah the Japanese were hit at Marshall Islands. While this was a very small victory compared to June it provided essential real life experience for the US Forces. For example the expediting of radar fire control of carriers and actually anti-aircraft gunnery training on ships which were performing evading action and 30 knots!

“It was one of those plans which are called ‘brilliant’ if they succeed and ‘foolhardy’ if they fail.”
Vice Admiral William F. Halsey

While not as famous as Midway this was a really audicious move as the Carriers kept fighting back and taking the offensive with still very limited means and showing up in the most unexpected places.

Action Report: 1 February 1942 (


Bombs away!

1.02. Wotje Atoll bombed V Norman
That’s Wotje Atoll, Feb. 1, 1942. (U.S. Navy photo, colorized by me)

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Wow, fantastic to see this tiny atoll in color. The plane seems to be a Kingfisher which was a remarkable plane also used for rescue :-).

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