The Baltic States

I meant to have this up earlier, but life has been busy for me lately. Now without any further ado, the Baltic States. The countries of Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania spent the Second World War being caught between Nazi Germany & the Soviet Union (with Lithuania fighting the Polish Resistance on the side). As such, who they are fighting changes a lot over the course of the next few years. This thread is for the discussion of their placement in the weekly overview I post here & on Youtube about the opposing factions of World War II.

At the moment, my question for you guys is where I should place Lithuania between the Soviet invasion of the Baltic States & Operation Barbarossa. As the Soviet Union was a German ally during this time, Estonia & Latvia would be co-belligerents with the Allies, but I’m considering having Lithuania as part of the 3rd parties list because of its dispute with Poland over Vilnius & the area around it. From my research, I know the Lithuanian & Polish resistances are clashing by the start of Barbarossa but can’t seem to find the exact moment fighting broke out between them. One person on Youtube named juniatapark54 told me a while back that I should have had Lithuania as fighting Poland after they were given Vilnius by the USSR, but neither had declared war or attacked the other at that point. Does the fact the homelands they are fighting to liberate overlap with each other constitute a de facto war?


On the Lithuania thing, as I’ve only received 3 likes & no objections I’m going to go ahead with plan.