The Awesomness of TimeGhost in General


Joram, and or crew,

i just want to start by apologizing for my month of April payment being rejected, eventually making it late.
Too long a story…the short of it, someone stole my wallet and took quite a bit of $, as well as my DB card which i canceled, causing my payment to be rejected. You know for someone like me, who is only 32yrs old, and is a cripple b/c I tragically lost my right arm above the elbow, Needless to say, i live on a very small fixed income, But my interest and passion for history ended up finding the TGW channel via HistoryBuffs channel. I can’t go as far and say it saved my life, but i received some strange sense of having something worth-while again. I have never given any of my budgeted money to any YouTube channel before. Jan 1st of this yr i pledged $3.00 per month as a WW2 Private. B/C of your up-coming trip to Paris, i have changed my pledge, so now i am a Private FIRST cLASS. Please keep producing amazing series, and i would hope you guys forge ahead and try and chronologically document All of Human History; e.g.(Greece-Present day)



Dear Sean,

There is absolutely no need in the world to apologise. This message and your appreciation is one of the things that keeps our wheel stuck on firmly and spinning. Your contribution is awesome! Next week you will already start seeing the results of our France trip coming your way in the form of daily vlogs from Tuesday on, so that you can also follow our trip in real time. Humble thanks and all the best!

Spartacus in teh name of the whole team!