The antisemitism of Kaiser Wilhelm, was he a sort of wegbereiter for the National Socialists

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The Kaiser died 2 days ago in our timeline and could his extreme antisemitism (like suggesting to use gas to get rid of Jews and Mosquitos,) have paved the way for more of that in Germany. He was not a normal anti-Semite but more like a horrible future predictor.

He was regularly in touch with powerholders, Nazi and also Mackensen in Germany. If a Kaiser is the source of hate it might have at least have the effect of normalizing genocidal antisemitism.

Start Quote John C.G. Rohl who is of German British descent and his books are very well sourced with first hand evidence.
"In the bitterness of exile Kaiser Wilhelm II made the final dreadful leap to the anti-semitism of extermination. ‘The Hebrew race’, he wrote in English to an American friend,

are my most inveterate enemies at home and abroad; they remain what they are and always were: the forgers of lies and the masterminds governing unrest, revolution, upheaval by spreading infamy with the help of their poisoned, caustic, satyrical [ sic ] spirit. If the world once wakes up it should mete out to them the punishment in store for them, which they deserve

On 2, December 1919, he wrote manu proprio to General August von Mackensen, referring to his own abdication:

The deepest, most disgusting shame ever perpetrated by a people in history, the Germans have done onto themselves. Egged on and misled by the tribe of Juda’ whom they hated, who were guests among them! That was their thanks! Let no German ever forget this, nor rest until these parasites have been destroyed and exterminated [vertilgt und ausgerottetl from German soil! This poisonous mushroom on the German oak-tree!

He called for a ‘regular international all-worlds pogrom à la Russe’ as ‘the best cure’. Jews and Mosquitoes’ were ‘a nuisance that humanity must get rid of in some way or other’, he proclaimed, and added, again in his own hand: 'I believe the best would be gas.'

It seems difficult to come to any other conclusion than that from the age of twenty to the age of eighty, Kaiser Wilhelm II, who ruled over Germany for thirty crucial years between Bismarck and Hitler, was a staunch antisemite, and that his anti-semitism formed a central element of his outlook on the world. The fact that, in November 1938, he privately expressed disgust at the ‘gangsterism’ of the Kristallnacht cannot outweigh the mass of evidence now available on his deeply held anti-Jewish attitudes, especially when it is remembered that even Himmler was outraged by the mindless violence of that dark night. Wilhelm II was a racist, an ideological autocrat and reactionary, the sworn enemy of Liberalism, Democracy, Catholicism and Socialism and of all foreign Powers that seemed to lend support to these forces, so limiting his own power at home and the expansion of German power in the world. With his forced abdication in November 1918, the last German Kaiser embraced world conspiracy theories of the bizarrest kind and, in what seems like a logical extension of his earlier anti-semitism, called for the extermination of the Jews."

Source John C.G. Rohl Kaiser Wilhelm 2 website extract.

URL:(Accessed 6th June 2020 8.15 GMT) Note: There is much more here and his books are quite good but a big tome is a massive read.


This question is actually still relevant as the descendents of the Hohenzollerns still want to get “their” stuff back.