The Algerian war

After WWII is over,

  1. will we include the war crimes trials, which I think are very interesting from the point of view of justice and procedure and there were war crimes trials in both Germany and Japan with different results?
  2. indy or others say we are soon to begin the Korean war;
  3. How about if we at some point work on the Algerian war of Independence? The reason is that supposedly Yahya Inwar of Gaza is taking inspiration from the Algerian war in some or many of his choices. So the question is, by the leadership of Yahya in partial imitation of the Algerian rebellion have a similar effect for the people of Gaza? Now, I do not think so . . . but it seems that some of us should learn more of the Algerian war, a war in which France gave up an area that it had considered part of France and whose residents it considered to be French! Also, how has Algeria done since independence?

I believe that the war crimes trails will be covered at some point on the channel. The Korean War begins in two weeks, here the link for the channel .